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The 2010 FALL IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, Traditional Pieced Category sponsored by From Marti Michell NEW YORK JAZZ 74.5 X 75 by PATRICIA M AYER and K AREN WATTS of Houston, Texas, USA Photo by Jim Lincoln

con tents J OURNAL OF T HE I NTERNATIONAL Q UILT A SSOCIATION V O L U M E 3 2 N U M B E R 4 2 3 6 10 12 letter from the president Pepper Cory talks about the charitable hearts of quilters, and why paying it forward is a concept already quite familiar to them. 18 26 32 winners gallery art, pictorial The winning quilts in this category from last years fall judged show are so lifelike, you might think they were created in a darkroom instead of a quilting studio See the stunning works and read a

L E T T E R BOaRd OF diREcTORs president Pepper Cory vice president education Pokey Bolton vice president finance Stevii Graves vice president membership Linda Pumphrey vice president public service Brenda Groelz secretary Pat Sloan treasurer Marti Michell founders Jewel Patterson 19102002 Helen OBryant 19142005 Karey Bresenhan Nancy OBryant F R O M T H E P R E s i d E N T The concept we know as paying it forward is not a new one. In Colonial America, the respected statesman Benjamin Frankli

10 free quilty things on the internet b y p a t s l o a n 1 2 3 4 Most of the wonderful quilt magazines have sections online with articles and patterns. Some even have magazines you can read online At Stitch, I like this free pattern page with everything from a cowl neck sweater to the bangle bag at right. www.sewdaily.commediagstitchtagsinterweavefreeprojectdefault.aspx Quilting Arts magazine has a really wonderful article on fabric dying using plants. Everything from flowers to berries, som

5 As the blogs about me page says True Up is a blog devoted to fabric. Kim Kight writes about fabric, all kinds of fabric, and its fun She has a schedule of two to three posts a day, five days a week, MondayFriday, on topics including fabric industry news, new fabric collection previews, vintage fabric, surface pattern design, store spotlights, designer profiles, stash management, and much more. They also have regular features throughout the week. Monday Japanese Fabric of the Week T

10 FREE QUiLTY THiNGs ON THE iNTERNET 8 9 1 0 I reviewed 12 x 12 The International Art Quilt Challenge on my blog during a blog hop. The book is really fabulous, as it takes you through what each person thought and did for each of the 12 quilts. I really love the publishers site where they interviewed each person for the blog hop. This type of project is one many people would like to do, and they show you exactly how. The 12 x 12 blog The publisher talks about the b

iqa agenda Takahiko Watabe, Karey Bresenhan, Nancy OBryant Puentes, and Kunio Minami stand in front of Yukiko Hiranos B A L T I M O R E A L B U M I V . 6

iQa aGENda YUKiKO HiRaNO QUiLTs dONaTEd TO iQa When the incredibly talented Japanese quilter Yukiko Hirano passed away in 2010, her husband, Takeo Hirano, wanted to make sure that her work lived on for others to enjoy. To help achieve that goal, he donated four of her stunning Baltimore Album quilts to the International Quilt Association, of which she was a member. The quilts were presented to IQA cofounders Karey Bresenhan and Nancy OBryant Puentes by Kunio Minami of the Japanese Association o

iQa aGENda continued fun. Check IQAs website, for additional activities, information, rules, and suggestions for the shoe challenge. New this year A boxed meal and beverage is included. Note IQA members who attend the IQA general meeting preceding this event only will receive reserved seating and tickets for an exclusive raffle. Dont miss this opportunity cELEBRaTE sPRiNG cHaNGEs Beginning in 2012, Celebrate Spring will no longer be a judged show with prizes for IQA members only,

The 2011 Quilts A World of Beauty Judged Show Sponsors 96,250 in nonpurchase cash awards See all the finalists on display this fall at Quilt Festival in Houston QUI LT INTERNATIONAL F E S T I VA L HOUSTON 2011 The Handi Quilter Best of Show Award The Founders Award International Quilt Festival The World of Beauty Award 10,000 7,500 7,500 The Robert S. Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artistry The Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Artistry 5,000 5,000 The Pfaff Master Awar

ballot box Our annual meeting, the Lone Star Quilt Conference, will be held Thursday, November 3, at 515 p.m., in Ballroom C at the George R. Brown Convention Center during International Quilt FestivalHouston. This is the time of year for some official IQA business. We elect some of our Board Members, and have three positions open this time. The Nominating Committee presents the following candidates for membership vote sTEVii GRaVEs, PREsidENT Stevii has been involved in quiltmaking since 1976,

BaLLOT BOX sUsaN BRUBaKER KNaPP, VicE PREsidENT OF PUBLic sERVicE Susan Brubaker Knapp is a fiber artist and pattern designer who is passionate about teaching and sharing her joy in quilting with others. Susan calls herself a multiple personality disorder quilter because she loves traditional hand quilting and needleturn appliqu, but also embraces innovative machine techniques in her art quilts. Her work has been featured in several national magazines and in numerous Quilting Arts calendars. Sh

iqa files ENDANGERED 41 x 41 12

PaTT BLaiR OF MT. BaLdY, caLiFORNia IQA Journal First, tell us about your background. Blair I am an Oklahoma farm girl transplanted to Southern California in the 1950s. As a small child in Oklahoma, I lived in a house originally built by Frank James you know...Jesses brother. It was in pretty bad shape given its age, and Ive long said my mother had one of the earliest fabric stashes, as she stuffed pieces of fabric into holes in walls to stop the wind and keep out the cold. Moving to California

iqa Files PROUD HERITAGE 32 x 36 14

PaTT BLaiR IQA Journal Any funny or amusing stories about your quilting Blair I owe a leap forward in learning to a major paperpiecing mistake. In taking a wall quilt paperpiecing class of a complicated piece, when I put my pieced sections together, I managed to put a piece of the border fabric in the very center of the quilt. This, of course, called for me to take this all apart or...quickly learn how to cover the incorrect piece by covering with needleturn appliqu Indeed, necessity is the mot

iqa Files MY KIND OF DRAGON 44 x 41 1 6

PaTT BLaiR to talk with that understood me. So, since in my beginning, there were few, if any, such quilt artists in my immediate circle, I created my website primarily for getting and supporting teaching. After a bit, the website alone just wasnt enough. Blogging gives me a free and freeing way to communicate what Im up to, have learned, and am willing to share. Blogging is almost addictive, so I try to keep my stuff short and sweet when I can and add as much photography as possible to let the

winners gallery artPictorial FiRsT PLacE SUNSET AND SANDHILL CRANES 48 x 53 by J OANNE B AETH of Bonanza, Oregon, USA 18

caTEGORY sPONsOREd BY accUQUiLT Artists Statement In the spring, Sandill Cranes migrate through the area where I live and many remain to nest. They actually fly over my house every morning and evening on their way to the fields and wetlands. The barns that you see in the quilt are what I see when I look out of my sewing room window to the west. This is my world of beauty. Original design This is a special quilt for me, as I have watched the Sandhills in the fields and flying by for years, Baet

artPictorial sEcONd PLacE PORT OF CASSIS 52.5 x 48 by L ENORE C RAWFORD of Midland, Michigan, USA 20

caTEGORY sPONsOREd BY accUQUiLT Artists Statement This piece was created from a photo I took at dusk in the small French fishing village of Cassis. I wanted to capture the glow of reflections in the water at dusk with beautiful buildings. My techniques included my fusingfabric painting style, which allows me to include a lot of detail and depth. Original Design Like a Canaletto painting, this quilt showcases calm, reflective water and the boats and buildings that surround itthough the artist w

artPictorial THiRd PLacE IN A FLASH 34.25 x 22.5 by A LISON L AURENCE of Auckland, New Zealand 22

caTEGORY sPONsOREd BY accUQUiLT Artists Statement My quilt was inspired by a slow shutter speed photography of a cycle race. I have tried to capture the feeling of speed as the cyclists race past in a pack. Original design Laurence says that she has always been a sewist, making clothing and home crafts. But about four years ago, while on holiday, an acquaintance happened to buy a single meter of Hoffman fabric and presented it to her with an entry form for the New Zealand challenge. And the pr

artPictorial HONORaBLE MENTiON EIEIO 48.5 x 45.5 by N ANCY B ROWN of Oakland, California, USA 24

caTEGORY sPONsOREd BY accUQUiLT Artists Statement Inspired by fond memories of visits to relatives farms in California and Canada when I was a child. Original design My farm relatives were the nicest, most hospitable people ever, but my favorite part of the visits was always seeing and playing with the animals, Brown says of the inspiration behind this effort. So this quilt is a tribute to those fond memories. All of the animals on it are based on ones that she remembers from her childhood. Tw

winners gallery Wearable art FiRsT PLacE REQUIEM VERDE by G ILBERT M UNIZ of Houston, Texas, USA 26

caTEGORY sPONsOREd BY HOBBs BONdEd FiBERs Artists statement The inspiration for this garment came from wanting to create a look that starts out as a small quilt and eventually morphs into a jacket. The dyeing, beading, stitching, and colorations came from looking at aerial views of farmland, swamps and distant planets. Original design As intricate and elaborate as his garments tend to be, Muniz says theres no real formula involved in his creative process. My ideas tend to just strike me for no

Wearable art sEcONd PLacE FLORAL RHAPSODY by J ENNY R AYMOND of Gothenburg, Nebraska, USA 28

caTEGORY sPONsOREd BY HOBBs BONdEd FiBERs Artists statement Floral Rhapsody was inspired by my love of flowers. OESD designs were used in this creation, and were made on a sandwich of watersoluble stabilizer and illusion. After cutting out, then dissolving the stabilizer, the designs were applied to the garment using microfilament thread. It was machine quilted with 100wt silk thread. Based on a Butterick Pattern Raymond has loved fabric and sewing since she was just a toddler, when she would

Wearable art THiRd PLacE FLAMENCO ROSE 30 by E VE K OVACS of Woodridge, Illinois, USA

caTEGORY sPONsOREd BY HOBBs BONdEd FiBERs Artists statement This ensemble was inspired by Spanish dance and bullfighting costumes. The Toreador jacket features machine embroidery designs enlarged and edited in software, trapunto, freemotion and embroidered quilting on yokes and cuff, and handbeaded accents. Blouse has ruffled sleeves and pants are accented with piping. Original design based on Simplicity 2977 modified and 2938 modified patterns With a background in physics, Kovacs says its onl

from the library b y s t e v i i g r a v e s Beautiful Botanicals By Deborah Kemball 29.95 112 pages CT Publishing Just as promised on the front cover, there are 45 appliqu flowers and 14 projects in this very flowery book. What sets Kemballs quilts apart from those of other artists is her amazing color sense. The appliqu designs are sophisticated and naturalistic. But even though the technique involved here uses easy freezer paper templates, the projects are not for the easily intimidated. Onc

The 2010 FALL IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, artWhimsical Category sponsored by Quiltmaker magazine FA N TA S Y IN LACE 81.5 X 87.5 by M ARY B UVIA of Greenwood, Indiana, USA Photo by Jim Lincoln

The 2010 FALL IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, Miniature Category sponsored by Pellon MISSION IMPECCABLE 18.25 X 18.25 by K UMIKO F RYDL of Houston, Texas, USA Photo by Jim Lincoln

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